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Basic Training Packing list

Below is a list of items that you should take with you to Basic Training. Many have asked why they are taking some of these items. In short, all of the civilian items are taken for your time before the initial issue is given. At that point, 99% of the civilian items are taken and locked.

3-day supply of season-appropriate, comfortable clothing (no halter tops or ragged shorts) (This is needed as you may spend a good week in reception before getting clothing issued) 3 sets of white underwear 1 pair of comfortable shoes (running shoes will be purchased shortly after arrival or buy them first and wear them). 1 small suitcase/gym bag (Only bring the bag that held listed items and clothing worn to BCT) 2 locks (combination or padlock; additional locks with keys will be purchased at the Post Exchange {PX} after arrival) 6 pair of white, calf-length, athletic socks (additional socks will be purchased at the PX) Disposable/safety razor with blades (Shave before you get there, then buy these. You can not carry them on the plane) Shaving cream (optional for women) 2 washcloths (additional washcloths will be purchased at the PX) 2 towels (additional towels will be purchased at the PX) Toothpaste and Toothbrush with case Dental Floss Hairbrush or 6" comb (no point unless you want to scratch your back!) or you are female) Antiperspirant Flip-flops Personal Hygiene Items Shampoo Soap and Soap case Required Original Documentation Social Security Card Drivers License SF 1199A (Direct Deposit Form) signed by bank official (Bring two if you pay child support) Current marriage license (if applicable) Divorce Decree(s) (if applicable) Child(ren)'s birth certificate(s) Proof of citizenship (if not born in the USA) Documentation for any ROTC experience College transcript(s) Copy of lease for off-post quarters if married If married to another service member you must provide the name, SSN, and military address of spouse If enlisted with the loan repayment program, bring all promissory notes

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Published on: 2006-02-06 (141344 reads)

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