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Biggest Mistakes of Those Wanting to Join the Army
Posted on Wednesday, January 12 @ 00:00:00 EST
Topic: Latest News
Biggest Mistakes of Those Wanting to Join the Army I recently asked the US Recruiting Command and a recruiter for some advice they would be willing to pass on to those interested in joining the Army. The response from the folks at the US Recruiting Command on the top five reasons for wanna-be recruits getting turned down at MEPS are listed below:

1. Too low a score on the ASVAB 2. Medical disqualifications 3. Moral disqualifications 4. Dependent status (too many dependents, ie wife and children) 5. Admin reasons (too young, citizenship status, previous service, etc) Okay, so for most of these points, you do not have a lot of control over, so I would really focus on the #1 reason.....too low a score on the ASVAB. There are a variety of practice ASVAB study guides and practice tests out there...use them to your advantage. The higher the score, the more MOSs you will then be eligible for. I recommend that if you are in high school, take the test offered through your school. Some students have told me that they thought this version was easier, but I think that it seems that way only because you are already in a learning environment with the information fresh in your head and in a comfortable known testing environment. You can find more information on our Links Page under Basic Training/Getting What You Want In Your Contract. If you would like to get more information on the requirements for enlisting, you can download our Enlistment Standards under Top Downloads/Army Regulations. Some of the medical conditions you cannot enter the military with include diabetes, drug/alcohol addiction, high blood pressure, deafness, asthma and a host of others. Moral disqualifyers include things such as too many minor and traffic offenses, as well as felonies. You can also get disqualifyed for having too many dependents. In the Army, you can only have a spouse and two dependent children (living with you). This is to make sure that you can financially support your family. Lastly, the administrative reasons for disqualification include being too young or old, not having the proper documentation for citizenship or alien status as well as problems with those trying to re-enlist who have been discharged less than 2 yrs ago (if they had an uncharacterized discharge) or for those who were deemed not eligible for re-enlistment. As far as advice from a recruiter "on the front lines", this is what one had to say when I asked what the biggest mistakes new recruits made. His response was: 1. Doing something stupid. 2. Saying something stupid. 3. Being stupid. 4. Hanging around stupid people. 5. Doing the same thing stupid people do. 6. Doing something stupid in public. 7. Being around someone doing something stupid in public. 8. Driving while being stupid. 9. Putting something stupid into your body. 10. Not listening to parents, teachers, adults who are giving you good advice (to inc. your recruiter, at times). It sounds kind of "tongue in cheek", but if you really look at it, it is pretty much common sense. So, if you stay honest, don't break the law, stay away from those getting into trouble, keep away from drugs/too much alcohol and follow the guidance from your recruiter, you should do fine. Lastly, I want to leave you with some statistics passed on to me from the US Recruiting Command. For the past three years, the Army has EXCEEDED all its goals for enlistment. The mission for Fiscal Year 2002 was 79,500 Active Duty and 28,825 Reserve, which the Army achieved six weeks ahead of schedule. For this Fiscal Year 2003, the goals are to enlist 73,800 Active Duty and 26,400 Reserve. In February 2003, the Army was already 100.7% ahead of schedule for Active and 103.5% ahead for Reserves. What does this mean for you? It means that the Army seems to no longer be the "last choice" of those looking for a career, but a first choice. More and more fully qualified applicants are coming in. This means that if you are not fully qualified according to the enlistment standards, it will be harder to get a waiver to come in. A waiver is just paperwork that is initiated if you do not fully meet one or two of the enlistment requirements. For example if you have two or more misdemeanor offenses, you will need a waiver to try to get into the Army. If anyone has any additional comments to add, please feel free to do so. We are also looking for those who would like to contribute and write an article on anything from their experience enlisting, their trip to MEPS, even other topics that may interest future soldiers and those interested in joining.

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Biggest Mistakes of Those Wanting to Join the Army

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